Handgun Safety & Handling Basics

NACFI has written the first Handgun Safety & Handling Basic Textbook in over 40 years. The evolution of handguns and new imbedded technologies are discussed in NACFI's new text. NACFI has re-thought and re-designed basic handgun training to reflect today's teaching technologies and insight into learning. This is, on average, a five hour course instructing students, testing knowledge, and providing a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

  • How to handle and fire a handgun safely
  • You will have fired 100 rounds from a revolver and 100 rounds from a semiauto
  • You will understand the basics of how revolvers and semiautos function
  • You will understand ammunition
  • You will understand the basic rules of handgun safety
  • How to clean and care for your handgun
  • How to safely store your handgun
  • How to select a handgun
  • Have a meaningful reference for handgun safety and handling
  • A little about the history of handguns
  • Closing Q&A


"Instructor knowledgeable about material - Examples were good - it's nice to hear how it works in real life."
 -John H., Minneapolis, MN

"I would be very interested in taking a self-defense in-depth course from this instructor."
 -Aleta W., West St. Paul, MN

"Course presented well and participatory. Organized, humorous when appropriate, instructor very knowledgeable."
 -Robert G., St. Anthony, MN

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