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Permit to Carry (CCW) Training Course - Minnesota (MN)

35,000 Minnesota permit to carry clients can't be wrong. That is how many permit to carry class attendees NACFI has taught over the last ten years. We teaches our clients to survive an attack physically, morally, legally and financially. More of our competitor's student's get their renewal permit to carry training from us and they are amazed.

The practical side of carrying for self defense is included because many clients have never had to consider how to carry a handgun for personal protection. We also discuss how to put at ease the communities in which we live.

The new Minnesota Guide for Armed Citizens, the only book exclusively written for MN permit holders is included as a part of the MN concealed and carry class. Attend and learn why our Minnesota course and Instructors are considered some of the best in Minnesota.

NACFI's MN Permit to Carry Course covers the following topics

  • The importance of avoiding conflict
  • Use and threat of deadly force
  • Aftermath of a defensive gun use
  • Routine police encounters
  • Choosing a handgun for carry
  • Mechanics of everyday carry
  • Legalities of everyday carry - a walk through the law
  • Out of state travel
  • Gun safety
  • Shooting qualification goals, rules and expectations
  • Closing Q&A (classroom)
  • The shooting qualification.

Click here to see our list and location of NACFI Minnesota Certified Instructors.

NACFI training satisfies the requirements for Florida and New Hampshire (once you have received a permit from your state). In addition, Utah Certified NACFI Instructors may also offer a Utah permit to carry training supplement to the Wisconsin Permit to carry Course.

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