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Training courses available for: Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri & Wisconsin

Why Choose NACFI for Carry Training

NACFI's License and Permit to Carry Training covers the six broad topic areas necessary to understand if a permit to carry is for you and, if so, how to survive a Defensive Gun Use (DGU). The six broad topic areas are:

  1. Physical - Surviving a violent attack physically is important, but only part of story.
  2. Personal/Moral - Do I have the personal fortitude and capability to use a firearm for self-defense and can I live with myself if I have to shoot someone?
  3. Legal - A complete understanding of the laws regarding the use of deadly force and permit to carry laws. Staying out of prison is a very good idea!
  4. Practical - How do I carry a firearm? What type of handgun is right for me? Maintaining shooting skills. Practical tips for carry and surviving a DGU.
  5. Communal - What are the expectations of my community? What are the expectations of permit holders in general?  What do i do if I am stopped for a traffic violation? How do the laws and communal expectations live together?
  6. Financial - Ever thought about how you would pay for saving your life.  That DGU could co$t million$ and we know how to pay for it.  For most of our clients this knowledge alone paid for the class.

Learn the answers to these questions and leave with your states definitive book on carrying a firearm for personal protection.

Original Permit or Renewal Training

The NACFI offers training for both your original permit as well as the renewal of your permit.

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