Firearms Training Courses

Handgun Safety & Handling Basics

NACFI has written the first Handgun Safety & Handling Basic Textbook in over 40 years. The evolution of handguns and new imbedded technologies are discussed in NACFI's new text. NACFI has re-thought and re-designed basic handgun training to reflect today's teaching technologies and insight into learning. This is, on average, a five hour course instructing students, testing knowledge, and providing a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

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Carry Permit Training

NACFI's Permit to Carry Training covers the four broad topic areas necessary to understand if a permit to carry is for you and, if so, how to survive a Defensive Gun Use (DGU). The four broad topic areas are:

Personal/Moral - Do I have the personal fortitude and capability to use a firearm for self-defense?

Legal - A complete understanding of the laws regarding the use of deadly force and permit to carry laws. Criminal and Civil issues

Practical - How do I carry a firearm? What type of handgun is right for me? Maintaining shooting skills. Practical tips for carry and surviving a DGU.

Communal - What are the expectations of the community? What are the expectations of permit holders? How do the laws and communal expectations live together?

Learn the answers to these questions and leave with the definitive book on carrying a firearm for personal protection.

NACFI training satisfies the requirements for Florida and New Hampshire (once you have received a permit from your state). In addition, Utah Certified NACFI Instructors may also offer a Utah permit to carry training option.

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Carry Renewal Permit (Minnesota only)

A shorter review course meets the statutory requirements for your permit to carry renewal. This course is reserved for Minnesota permit to carry holders. Students are required to pass a shooting exercise as a part of the renewal application. Search for this course separately from the new applicant course. Utah Certified NACFI Instructors may also offer a Minnesota renewal/Utah training course.



NACFI Specialized courses come in several varieties. Some are members-only courses for various gun club members. Others include Private Group courses and Private Individual Courses. For more, you need to look at the descriptions of the individual courses, which you can get to after you've completed the search on this page.



Courses in this group qualify the graduate to teach NACFI courses including the Carry Permit course and the Basic Handgun safety & Handling Basics Course. If you're interested in learning about becoming an NACFI Instructor, click "Read More".

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"Instructor was very knowledgeable with excellent, well placed stories from real life experiences. Excellent presentation, excellent participation, good presenter, well versed in subject matter."
 -Ed. S., Welch, MN

"Personal anecdotes & role-playing (by instructor) very helpful and drives home points."
 -John K., San Diego, CA

"Easy to follow and not lose track."
 -Chris S., Lake Havasu City, AZ

"Great Class! It was presented in a clear and interesting was, lot's of participation, and the real life stories were great for emphasizing the information presented."
 -Gina, Deerfield, WI

"This was an Excellent course! Presented in a clear and precise manner."
 -Dave, Deerfield, WI

"Better than I expected! The instructor really knew what he was talking about."
 -Len, Green Bay, WI

"I would recommend this class."
 -Kathleen, Shorewood, MN

"I was totally in awe. First Time I paid attention during that long of class in my life!"
 -Gene, Deerfield, WI

"Everything I expected and more, extremely knowledgeable. I learned a great deal."
 -Robert, MN

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