Thinking about becoming an NACFI-certified Trainer?

NACFI-certified trainers are independent businessmen and businesswomen operating their own firearms training businesses, supported by state and nationally-recognized experts in firearms law, Second Amendment issues, and practical firearms safety and use.

Training courses are offered through the NACFI Website, and conducted by an NACFI Certifier, somebody who has both Trainer and Certifier credentials from NACFI.


Trainer candidates should have one or more of the following:

  • Significant handgun experience
  • Law enforcement or legal training
  • Significant firearms training experience
  • Nationally-recognized carry training, such as Gunsite, LFI, Thunder Ranch, etc.
  • Active in local gun club and/or state gun rights organization
  • Instructors must qualify for and maintain a valid permit to carry for their state
  • Some Marketing experience


Trainer certification provides you with the materials and skills to teach NACFI-certified courses. NACFI provides all the essentials for building a handgun training business. Course development and material, training aids, insurance, even shirts and target are available. NACFI provides centralized and customized electronic record keeping, course registration, and credit card services. We assist in arranging shooting range discounts and provide consultation in developing your business. Most importantly, NACFI works with local gun rights advocacy groups to help build and maintain their viability and strength.

NACFI certifies that its training meets the permit to carry requirements for the states in which we operate.

States Offered

In Illinois

NACFI is currently recruiting instructors throughout Illinois! We offer the ONLY Firearm Instructor Training Program approved by the Illinois State Police Academy. In addition to our Instructor Training Program, NACFI’s Handgun Safety and Handling Basics Course and Illinois Carry Course are certified by the Illinois State Police.

In Minnesota

NACFI is authorized by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to certify instructors. Our course certificates must be accepted by Minnesota sheriffs as satisfying the training and shooting qualification for the "Minnesota Permit to Carry a Handgun."

In Missouri

NACFI is the only organization to receive Missouri Department of Public Safety authorization to certify instructors. NACFI's instructor training and student course have been reviewed by the Missouri Department of Public Safety as meeting statutory requirements for permit to carry training. NACFI provides and maintains notification to all 115 Missouri County Sheriff of current NACFI certified trainers.

In Utah

NACFI is recognized by Utah.s Department of Public Safety as a prerequisite certification for becoming an Utah Permit to carry instructor. NACFI works to arrange for Utah DPS certification within the states it operates by arranging for DPS instructors to conduct certifications course in NACFI states.

In Kansas

NACFI is before the Kansas Attorneys General permit to carry training task force to be authorized to certify instructors and provide NACFI state specific training.


In an intensive two and one half day course, Trainer candidates will learn NACFI custom-developed course materials and methods, be taught NACFI's suggested business practices, and be instructed in how to use NACFI's website support services, which allow online scheduling for NACFI-certified trainers.

NACFI-certified trainers represent the best in state-specific firearms training. All materials are state-specific, customized for both state statute and state case law.


The fee for this two and one-half day trainer's certification course is calculated to be recouped well within your first 20 students. To reserve a seat in an instructors course is $700. The remainder of the fee is based on the state and number of certifications awarded. NACFI-certified trainers pay a $350 annual business support fee covering website support, support of staff attorneys, all state agency notifications and certifications, and statutory and case analysis and support. A discount of $125.00 is available for past AACFI/NACFI customers. Discounts are handled on a case by case basis. Please call Tim Grant, President, for details 952-935-2414.

Signing up

Registration is by invitation. To begin the process, email a profile of your background highlighting the qualification above to Please include all your contact information.

You can find Trainer's courses by searching for "Trainer" courses here. Call NACFI at 952-935-2414 for more information.

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